Monday, June 18, 2018


We had a great day visiting Gibraltar on Wednesday 22nd May. We went on a taxi tour and it was great to see the sights. We went to several lookouts and also to St Michael's cave that is now used as a theatre.

 We enjoyed seeing the monkeys even though we had been warned about them. Some people let them sit on their shoulders. Ma was brave to stand near one.

 Notice the airstrip is on the border with Spain. The road into Gibraltar crosses the airstrip!

 It was also very interesting to go into the siege tunnels. These were later enlarged during World War 2.
 W were then dropped off in town and had a coffee and a look at the shops before wandering back to the ship.

I was very silly and left my small backpack in the taxi (only had umbrellas and cardigans in it) but got it back thanks to a very helpful person at the Information desk at the port and our lovely taxi driver, Albert. We then had 2 sea days before we returned to Southhampton.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Marseilles and Cassis

On Monday 21st May, we were in Marseilles and we had decided to visit the little fishing village (now a lovely tourist destination) of Cassis. We caught a taxi to St Charles station and the train to Cassis. We then took the bus to town. It is a gorgeous seaside village and the highlight was a boat ride to the beautiful inlets or calanques. The weather was perfect and warm.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


We walked into Genoa from the port on Sunday, 20th May. We enjoyed seeing the main sights as we wandered around.

There are many palaces in Genoa that were used to house visiting dignatories.  Every year they are open and you can visit for free! It was called Rolli weekend. Ma and I loved looking at the entries of these palazzos and even went into one. It is now used as a bank so there are desks etc which does seem strange. We saw the Palazzo Ducal and the Palazzo Tobia Pallavicino.

We then wandered further and came across this old church, the Chiese S Donato. Parts of it were from the 7th century. Just then the congregation poured out of the church. We think it was a First communion perhaps as many of the children were dressed up. We then went inside quickly to have a look....before we were encouraged to leave.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


On Saturday, 19th May, we caught buses and trains to Lucca and back. The weather was warm and it was so special to visit this lovely town once more. We enjoyed wandering around the small medieval streets, looking at the lovely shops and admiring the old churches and squares. We enjoyed a lovely Italian lunch at the Piazza Anfiteatro, which was originally a Roman amphitheatre.

Bruce climbed up the tower above and this is what he saw.