Friday, March 27, 2015

Coast weekend and some knitting etc

Last weekend, including Friday and most of Monday, was spent with these lovely ladies at Denhams Beach in Batemans Bay. It was a great weekend of relaxing, good food and lots of laughs. Some people swam (too chilly for me), walked, made jigsaws and all of us chatted!

 I enjoyed a very relaxing weekend making a few hexagons for a second sample for this weekend's stitching day and did a bit of knitting and crochet for a change. I am making a little cardigan for Alice.
 I have also wanted to try to read a crochet graph and have a go at this lovely necklace in a Japanese crochet book I bought from Bebe Bold last year. All the instructions are in Japanese so reading the graph  is the only way to go! It was great fun.

 On out way home we stopped at Bungendore and browsed in the lovely wood gallery and had a delicious afternoon tea.

 Best show these blocks too as March is almost over! This is part 2 of Nature's Journey by Anni Downs and this means I am up to date for this month for our stitch-a-long.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The other three projects at Stitching on the Lake

Here are the other three lovely projects that we are doing at Stitching on the lake on Saturday (and in a few weeks too). Fiona has designed this gorgeous needlecase and pin cushion. Check out her blog for the threads you need if you want to stitch this in similar colours. 

The next project is some hardanger embroidery on lovely green linen. The linen and the threads are included in your kit.
We know many of you love canvas work so here is a lovely glasses case to create. You can of course make this in any combination of colours but the ones Fiona has used are found on her blog. 
See you on Saturday or in a few weeks for our second day.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Stitching on the Lake

Fiona and I are all ready for our first Stitching on the lake day this coming Saturday. We are looking forward to catching up with stitching friends, both old and new, this week. Lynne is catering for us once again so the food is sure to be lovely. Here is a preview of our projects so you can gather your fabrics and threads ready for a great day of stitching.
This appliqued pencil case will be very useful. Enjoy trying your hand at needleturn or applique the pictures with fusible web if you wish. I have made my first sample with some Japanese fabrics I have been collecting but any favourite scraps of fabric will work. I am working on a second one in some Anni Downs' fabric to show you a different take on the same project. I have pieced the back using 3/4" hexagons. Bring along your glue pen and fine thread if you wish to try some English paper piecing. The threads used are DMC 3031, 610, 613, 3011 and 3857.

 For this sample I changed the red to DMC 221 to match the brighter red.

 The bunting will be a fun addition to any child's room. Don't forget to bring some fusible web, like vliesofix, for this project. The DMC threads used are 221, 782, 783, 3011, 580, 3031, 931, 310, 414, 612 and 613 or your own choice to match your chosen fabrics.

 The cushion is a fun way to practise your stitches. The threads used were some perle 8 threads, 503, 3348 and 922 and DMC threads 501, 470, 920 and 725 or your own choice.
Hobbysew will be coming with another lovely stall to tempt you but also with threads, needles, fabrics and lots of other things that may be useful. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Balloons and grandies

The balloon spectacular has been on over the last few weeks and I did get up one morning VERY early to see them. Sadly they weren't at Old Parliament house as there was no wind! Luckily they did eventually fly and we were able to see them from the Arboretum. I took this one and thanks to Bruce for the bottom three photos!

 He did go out another morning and managed to get this lovely shot.
 The little people are growing up so fast. Little Alice is crawling everywhere! Hope you notice her t-shirt as her Mummy appliqued a giraffe onto it.

 We are so enjoying these little fellows. So much chatting and activity when they visit these days!

Friday, March 13, 2015

A little stitching and some sneak peeks

Stitching has been slow here lately as there are kits to make. Our first stitching day is just 2 weeks away so there are many kits to cut and prepare. There are still places at the moment at both days so let me know soon if you still want to come.
 Couldn't resist giving you some sneak peeks of some of the projects!

 My slow stitching is continuing and I managed to complete block 10 of Scandinavian Rose.
 My stitch-a-long blocks are stitched too, Now for the applique.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Busy times

We have had some busy weeks here! A few weekends ago we headed to Bowral to have a weekend away with Ma and some of the family. It ended up being a lovely time together. We rented a large house and enjoyed a wander around the shops and morning tea in Bowral and a lovely relaxing time just being together. Ma is managing really well considering all that has happened recently.

 The following weekend we went to Lake Tabourie for a church camp. We did camp even though we don't do that much these days. As you didn't have to think about food it was easy to load up the car with bedding etc and clothing and just go. It was a lovely time of relaxing and sharing together. I must admit I didn't swim or go to the beach but here a a few lovely photos that Bruce took in the early morning (when I was asleep!).

 The birds around the campsite were amazing.
 Bruce also went to enlighten one evening last week and took some good photos.

 This weekend we are very tired today as the little men came for a play on Saturday, slept over and went home at lunch time today. I might just need a sleep too.
I have been stitching and am looking forward to showing my Stitching on the lake projects in just a few weeks. Now I need to get going on the kits as the 28th  March is coming up soon. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

A bit of stitching, gorgeous smocking and the grandies..

In between secret stitching, I have been continuing to work slowly on Scandinavian Rose. Here is another block stitched.
 I also had fun stitching another little bug rattle by Melly and Me.
 At lunch on Wednesday, Barbara brought in these amazing dresses and tops which her very clever mum stitched in the 50s! Her dear Mum passed away last year in her 90s and had these beautifully stored and labelled for us to see. They are just so lovely.

 Our little miss is on the move!!!! Alice is crawling and so nothing is safe anymore. She is only 8 months and her Mummy didn't even move until she was 1.

 The little men are on the move! Sammy can manage this amazing big climbing equipment at the arboretum. Benny wasn't too sure.

Thankfully Mum was there to save the day.