Friday, September 19, 2014

Some stitching, a camel and grandies

I have been stitching but the needleturn on these blocks (and these are the smaller ones) takes quite a long time to do. Here are the houses done on Block 3 of the Yoko Saito BOM.
This gorgeous camel was made by Heather and she has done such a lovely job. It is an AK traditions pattern. I just love the embroidered blankets. I am just starting one of these for me.

 Little Alice came to visit recently and I just love her little crocheted hat.

 The little men came too and had a lovely time playing with the old toys.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


There has been some stitching happening here! I have also been crocheting my scarves slowly and am just working on some secret stitching for our Stitching on the Lake day in November. I also want to do block 3 soon of the Yoko Saito BOM. Here is block 2 with the pieced ground.
 The little men like to wear shirts with pictures on them so I appliqued 2 car ones and 2 dinosaur ones for them.

 Finally after many slow stitches, especially on the satin stitch border, I have finished block 6 of Scandinavian Rose! I have prepared block 7 to start soon.
 Yesterday, at class, it was lovely to see some more finished work. Jayne enjoyed making these felt decorations by Marg Low.
 Great to see Lynn back and she has finished some gorgeous things too. This lovely mat from a pattern by Helen Stubbings.
 Lynn has also finished these two projects from our stitching day earlier this year.
Roni has also been busy and finished her little felt mat. Looks great, Roni.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Little ones...again

Couldn't resist showing you a few more pictures of the little people. Alice came to visit recently and Pa caught some lovely photos. She is almost 3 months old!

 We celebrated Father's day here in Australia on the weekend. On Saturday we went to a church nearby where the boys do a little music session on a Tuesday. I have never been as I work on Tuesdays so it was fun to see what they do there. They have a wonderful program of music and then have morning tea and the grown-ups even get a frothy coffee! It was a special fathers and grandfathers morning and luckily I got to come too!

We then had a lovely afternoon tea with the kids on Sunday afternoon and there was lots of cake....."more cake" (our boys love cake!).

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Great stitching and an outing

Lovely to see some fantastic work completed by my class ladies on Wednesday afternoon. Jayne has been so busy and has finished her little felt (though she did hers on fabric) mat and her Christmas cushion. They look so good together.

 Roni has created a wonderful and useful, light pad bag using the fabrics and the designs from the retreat.
 She has also finished this lovely bag for her Ipad. I just love the fabric in this kit.
 Eileen has been busy too and is stitching some lovely pictures for a bag for her little granddaughter.
 On Monday we headed to the National Archives to see an exhibition of pictures taken at migrant hostels like Bonegilla near Albury. My parents and I were in Bonegilla for a short while and then in a hostel in Matraville so I found the pictures very interesting (not that I remember much about it all as I was only 5). you weren't allowed to take pictures in the exhibition so I just took some outside. I did like this cross stitch sign.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lovely sewing

It is always inspiring to see all the lovely things that the ladies are working on at stitching on Wednesdays. Last week, Karen brought in her finished Chateau Hexagon quilt which looks fantastic. It has been beautifully, professionally quilted by Robyn Cawdron. 

 Janet comes along to stitching with her two littlies. How she gets so much sewn and knitted, I do not know! They were going to the Rose Seidler house for the 50's fair. The family won the best dressed 50's family and they all looked wonderful. Janet made the littlies' outfits and her own dress too.

 I took photos of the pictures that Janet brought in to show us but here is a link and you can see some more. They are in photos 35, 59, 61 and 62.

 Lovely Helen made this gorgeous little singlet for baby Alice. How cute is that!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Little ones

It seems ages since I posted some pictures of Benny, Sammy and Alice. The boys are so busy now that it is hard for Pa to get good pictures of them. I love these ones of the 3 of them recently at home. We weren't there but so lovely to see them all together and to compare their sizes! Don't the boys look huge? They are getting heavy to carry now too!

 The little men have been sick this last week and it is so sad to see them under the weather. They came to visit on a sunny morning and enjoyed being outside.

 Little Alice is 11 weeks now and is so gorgeous.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Some stitching and crochet

I have been stitching a bit these last few weeks. Hurrah....I have finally fused a centre block for the My Town quilt that was in the Homespun years ago. I have decided to make the centre the same size as the other blocks so my quilt (when it ever gets finished) will be smaller than the original.
 I have appliqued and stitched block 2 of the Yoko Saito Mystery quilt. I love working with these Japanese fabrics. I just have to do the patchwork on the lower edge.
 A bit of canvas work was fun to do when we went away a few weeks ago. This is the lovely scissor fob that Fiona designed for our retreat.
 I have also been having some fun crocheting these flowers with some very cheap thread I bought in the Japanese 100 yen shop when we were away. Wish I had bought more balls!