Saturday, May 12, 2018


We headed to Sydney on Tuesday and then went into town to see the amazing tapestries, The Lady and the Unicorn at the NSW Art Gallery. Well worth the visit.

We then boarded our plane on Wednesday afternoon. After a very long 2 days of flying, we arrived in London on Thursday afternoon. We slept at the transit hotel in Changi, which was so good! We then caught the bus to Winchester and enjoyed a very good night's sleep. Yesterday, we headed into Winchester to check out the sights and to catch up with Penny and John, our friends from Hay. We visited the cathedral which is amazing and also The Great Hall with a large King Arthur's table on the wall.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Outings and progress

Had a couple of outings on the weekend. We went to Craft Alive on Saturday and that was fun. I couldn't resist some cotton thread and a pattern and it was nice to check out the various stalls. Upstairs there was a quilt exhibition by Canberra Quilters which was lovely. Here are a few pictures.

 I loved the quilting on this one.

 Lovely to see this one by a stitching friend, Christine.
We then also went to the Handmade Market yesterday and there were so many lovely handmade goodies.
I have a finish to share too. Finally Jack's quilt is done. It has been beautifully quilted by Terina. It is a pattern by Anni Downs.
 This is the back and below is the label.

I have also managed to sew together two more blocks from The Simple Life quilt.

Not much time for sewing today as I am busy packing for holidays. We fly out on Wednesday and Ma is coming too. We are off to the UK and Europe and that includes a lovely Mediterranian cruise. Can't wait!!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Some finishes...

I have managed some time at the machine this past week and have been working on my Simple Life piecing. Here are blocks a and b. They go together so well thanks to Anni's excellent instructions.

 I had this little pouch all stitched so it didn't take long to put it together.
 I bought this lovely pouch kit in Melbourne and it was completely hand stitched! Took a while to do but it was good fun. It is also such a pretty pouch. These are both Anni Downs patterns as well.
 I have also enjoyed stitching some more 1/2" hexies. They are a bit addictive.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cartier at the NGA

Last week, Paddy and I headed to the National Gallery to see the Cartier Exhibition. It was well worth the visit with many rooms of amazing "bling" as well as historical pieces and famous ones too. There is even a room devoted to the jewellers and their equipment and methods. My photos don't do the pieces justice but here are a few.

 There were even beautiful cards that were created for invitations and celebrations.
 We especially liked the amazing embroidery and beading on this gown.

At the end of the exhibition there was a room showcasing the jewels of famous people like Grace Kelly and Wallis Simpson. It was all quite amazing.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


There has been a little progress on my various projects recently as well as a few starts! Many years ago I started stitching some half inch liberty hexagons and they were safely stored away till last week. I had always planned to create a mini dilly bag inspired by the ones I made using Judy Newman's beautiful pattern. Here it is! It is very small and fairly useless but I love it anyway!
 I have popped into the sewing room to start piecing my Simple Life blocks too. Here is the first block and some nine patches.
 I have been working on these lovely Christmas stitcheries by Marg Low.

 Just the other day I started this lovely little pencil case. I bought the kit in Melbourne recently so it was easy to just start as it was all printed and ready to go. It is a very special pattern by Anni Downs and is all hand stitched!
 Nice to catch up with Roni at stitching last week and we all admired her cute Clips bag! What a good idea.
 Roni was also working on this cute little stitchery by Anni Downs. Must trace a couple of these to make. The pattern was a free one offered a while ago.