Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cilgerran Castle and Cardigan

On Sunday we headed towards Cardigan and stopped at Cilgerran Castle on the way. They were having a reenactment of medieval times which was really interesting. 

 This fellow told us all about the different types of arrows used and how to make the quite complicated bows.

 We had a great chat to the monk/doctor inside the castle. You certainly wouldn't have wanted to have toothache in the Middle ages or any other ailments either.
 The monks were the scribes in that time too so we had a go at writing with a quill.

There were archery demonstrations too and Penny and Bruce had a go and did very well.

 We then headed into Cardigan for our roast lunch at a very yellow pub! It was really delicious. We wandered around  Cardigan castle. In the gift shop there were these quilts on display. The top one is knitted.

 In the afternoon we headed to Poppit beach and had a walk in the windy weather. The tide was way out.

 The life saving club (like our Nippers) were having a carnival.

Croft Castle and off to Wales

On Friday, 31 July we headed to Croft Castle, another lovely National Trust property. The history of all these houses is always so interesting. The Crofts built this castle in medieval times and lived in it for almost the whole 500 years.

 There was a vineyard here and a lovely garden.

 There were some amazing textiles inside the house too.

 All the sides of this box were embroidered with stump work. The photos don't do it justice at all as the work was protected by glass.

 This clock was amazing too as the eyes on the face above the clock face moved! Quite eerie.
 Here we are enjoying the lovely sunshine in the garden! We had another yummy lunch at the cafe and Bruce and I also did a tour of the attic. This area was the servants' quarters and was also used as a school in WWII.
 On Saturday, we all travelled to our cottage in Pembrokeshire. On the way we visited the Gold mine at Dolaucothi. We all went underground into the very dark mine and experienced what it was like for those early miners. It would have been very dark, damp and very hard work!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Tredegar House and the Big Pit

As you can tell, we certainly love the old houses and the National Trust ones are always so interesting. It is wonderful to read about the families who lived in them and their history. Penny, Bruce and I ventured out here on Wednesday. 

 Yesterday, Bruce and I headed into Wales to the Big Pit National Coal Museum at Blaenafon. We went down 90m into the Big Pit. It was quite an experience! It was a tough life for miners and their families in the olden times of mining.

There were so many stories of the miners and their families in the Museum. It was a very moving exhibition.

Montacute House and Lyte Carey Manor

We are now staying at Penny and John's home in Hay-on-Wye. It is lovely to be here once again and great to catch up with dear friends. On Tuesday on the way to Hay we visited another 2 lovely National Trust properties. The first was Montacute House which is an amazing house which is basically the same as it was 400 years ago. It was used extensively in the filming of the series, Wolf Hall.

There was some lovely embroidery in the house.

 They even had a display of horse riding, as in the Tudor times, on the green.
We weren't far from Lytes Carey Manor so popped in there for a visit. This is a lovely medieval house.

 This stump work was amazing. It was all stitched around a mirror. It was a fairly modern piece which was done in the medieval style.

 This hexagon quilt was on one of the beds.