Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stitching on the Lake

Can't believe that our first Stitching on the Lake day is next Saturday. It will be lovely to spend a day of stitching together. Fiona and I have created six lovely projects for you once again. There are still a few places on both days if you would like to come but we would need to know today!
Here are the projects. This gorgeous thimble pip is just perfect for keeping your favourite thimble safe and sound.
This lovely pouch will be so useful for all your sewing bits and pieces.
On this lovely zippered pocket, Fiona has appliqued some gorgeous little houses from the new Lynette Anderson range.
You could also have a go at some cross stitch to make this very handy book mark.
 The next project is a lovely little evening purse, appliqued with some felt and fabric flowers.
 The last project is this little embroidered purse.
I have been feeling a little muddled from being away so long but am now back to normal and so looking forward to next weekend and our stitching day. Hope to see you then.

Nara and then home!

We headed to Nara from Kyoto on Monday 15 April. Nara is Canberra's sister city so thought it was worth a visit. We had a lovely wander around and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day, the deer wandering around Nara Park, the Kofukiji Temple and especially the Todaii-ji Temple. It is the largest in Japan and has the most amazing large Buddha too. There were even some turtles in the lake.

 On our last day in Kyoto we visited a lovely temple just near where we were staying in Ishiyama. It was really a delightful place to visit with hardly anyone there and gorgeous gardens.

 We then took the train to Nagoya to be close to the airport as we left on Wednesday morning. We then quite a few hours in Kaula Lumpur so headed into town (after waiting nearly an hour to get through security). We went to the city centre and had a delicious dinner and viewed the Petronas Towers.

We then headed back the the budget airport by train and bus and boarded the plane for our night flight to Sydney. 

Friday, April 18, 2014


We are home after a very long day travelling on Wednesday and then arriving in Sydney on Thursday. Last night's sleep was wonderful! We did have a lovely time in Kyoto. We stayed out of town as accommodation was hard to get in Kyoto. The first afternoon we went for a walk along the river and then discovered this lovely little restaurant. We were the only guests and this lovely couple made us a really delicious meal.
We headed to the Philosopher's walk on Saturday 12 April and that was delightful. We were very blessed with the lovely sunny weather. There were even some blossoms left.

 We also managed to visit several temples including the silver temple, which had some amazing sand sculpture.

 The Golden temple was also a lovely place to visit.

 We had bought a day bus ticket and caught the bus to the Shogun's palace called Nijo castle.You could walk around inside this palace which was very interesting.
 That evening we had a very interesting dinner in a local Japanese restaurant. On Sunday we headed to the Hijabashi area. The streets were delightful here with lovely little shops.

 We also went to the Museum of Traditional Crafts. The museum was very interesting and a laddy was demonstrating fine wood inlay work. Sadly we weren't able to take pictures as I would have loved to have shown you the embroidery and other crafts. We also watched a demonstration of Maiko dance and you were allowed to take a picture before or after the dance.
 We then headed to the Ryoanji temple which is famous for it's rock garden. The gardens were beautiful.

 We weren't that interested in the rock and sand garden but many people sat and stared at it for a long time!

 In the evening Bruce and I went up the Kyoto tower. It isn't very tall but it was fun to see the views.