Tuesday, April 15, 2014


We enjoyed Kanazawa even though Thursday 10 April was very chilly and a little rainy. We did see some lovely sights but the best of all was the castle and the Kenrokuen gardens, which we visited on Thursday on a much better day. They have a tourist bus here for about $5 which is very convenient. We visited the fish markets first.

 We wandered in the geisha district which had lovely shops and old houses.

 There were still lots of blossoms!

 The gardens were amazing!

 The castle and the grounds were wonderful too.

 As we wandered around we saw this couple in their traditional wedding clothes.
That afternoon we headed to Kyoto and have been here now for 4 nights. Today we leave for Ngoya and then have a long day of travel tomorrow. Looking forward to being home of Thursday!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


We had a lovely time in Takayama. This is a smaller town and it was a delight to wander around the lovely old streets of houses with gorgeous little shops. Another day here would have been lovely.

 We went on a lovely walk up the hill to look down on the town.
 We even tried some sake here.

 The shops in this town were lovely. There were lots of handmade things to see which was a delight. One of the shops had sashiko fabric and thread so just had to get some to have a go.

 This was my favourite shop. The owner had made this quilt and had some lovely handmade items for sale and some lovely woven and wooden pieces too.

That afternoon we took the train to Kanazawa.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Mt Fuji

On Monday, we headed out early as it was a lovely clear day to see if we could see Mt Fuji. We started out on the local trains and had the very interesting experience of being pushed into the train as it was still peak hour. It was so weird to be so close to strangers! We then caught the Shinkansen or bullet train and then bought a ticket for quite a variety of transport, including a pirate ship, to see the mountain from a variety of spots. We were so lucky as the weather was perfect and the views of Mt Fuji were amazing.

 There was snow and then hot water and steam coming out of the ground.

Today we leave Kanazawa and head to Kyoto for our last stop on this trip.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tokyo day 3

On our third day in Tokyo we headed to the Tokyo National Museum. It was a wonderful museum full of precious items from Japan's history. There were beautifully embroidered kimonos, calligraghy, swords, armour and gorgeous ceramics.

 This is just part of a picnic set!

Behind the museum were some gardens and some teahouses.

 We then wandered around the Asakusa area where there were markets and older streets.
 There was also the oldest temple in Tokyo. It was raining so many umbrellas went up as we followed the crowds into the temple.

 This is one of the covered market areas.
 In the little streets around the temple there were lots of these local eateries or pubs!
 We then headed back to Ariake on the light rail and thought we would check out the outlets! It was all decorated like Italy and was a bit strange. There were lots of shops but they weren't particularly cheap and they mostly had very small sizes!
 We then walked home to our hotel in the cold along this wide walkway.