Saturday, April 18, 2009

Late arrivals to the ship in Vila

This little adventure became the talk of the ship! We were to be back on board by 3.30pm and we were watching all the guests getting back on. The ship was due to leave soon after 3.30 but there was an announcement that 2 guests were not on board! The ship waited a little while and sent someone looking and then left the pier! The ship was about 30m from the pier when 2 people came running to the edge of the pier. At this stage hundreds of people were on the decks watching and waving. The locals called the little green boat you can see in the following photo.
The couple got into the boat but nothing happened for quite a while. We think they were negotiating the price!
The little boat headed to the ship and then realised it needed to be on the other side of the ship. Everyone rushed to the other side to see what was happening.
Here they are putting on life jackets to climb on the ship! How embarrassing. The talk was all about the man in the stripy shirt and his companion! I think the fellow below was quite happy as he returned to shore. 

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