Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Lovely Stitching

Carol is finishing a lovely project from Helen from Hugs and Kisses. It is a needle book to put your stitching in. She was deciding on what fabrics to use on Wednesday night.
I shared Judy's lovely angel last week and here is the finished stocking. We all want to make them now!
Sue has framed her Bareroots' Seasons picture. Looks so good!
I found time yesterday to put the borders on my Your Home or Mine BOM. I put these things off but am so pleased when they are done. Of course that means I have to get organised to quilt it. As it is so detailed I think the quilting will need to be done by hand and machine so it will be a long process. It will be in my unfinished list for a lot longer!

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Fiona said...

What clever ladies you have Sylvia - love the stocking - very cute!