Wednesday, January 27, 2010

National Museum

Last Saturday, Paul and Jeni came to visit and we went out and visited the National Museum. It is an amazing collection of Australian objects. There are many aboriginal artifacts as well as historical displays. I was taken by some of the bits and pieces from our more recent past. We only had time to see one section as you need a full day or more to look at all the exhibits. I have always been amused by this lovely old pink caravan on display. It makes me remember my childhood as we lived in one a little bigger and not quite as old for 5 years! I was 5 and my brother had just been born here in Australia and the 4 of us lived in caravan. Hard to imagine these days. There was no electricity or water and the amenities were very basic. My mum and dad worked very hard and saved to build their dream house on their own land! That's a very Australian dream.

These old cookbooks reminded me of high school too. I still have my old copy in my recipes cupboard and still make the Anzac biscuits from the book.

Couldn't resist these old jugs.

And here are some covers from old Home Beautiful magazines. I do enjoy seeing these kinds of ordinary. everyday collections.

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Gina E. said...

I enjoyed this post so much, Sylvia! I haven't been to Canberra for nearly 30 years, and seeing your photos of the museum display has whetted my appetite for a long overdue trip to our Capital! Like you, I love seeing everyday memorabilia collections from my own past.