Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Crazy Christmas Block 8 and .....

It was lovely to have a quiet weekend and to be able to do a little stitching. I have been slowly stitching Block 8 of the Crazy Christmas BOM by Lynette Anderson.
I have also continued my mad scarf knitting and have done quite a bit now! Please don't look too carefully as I think there are a few odd rows but I decided that it was lacy and not too noticeable! I am quite enjoying knitting it now though it is a long slow process.
Here is a little hint of a secret project I have been working on for our stitching days in October. It seems such a long way away but the time seems to fly! With holidays away soon, I wanted to get organised.

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FIONA said...

Your Christmas block is so cute Sylvia and I'm very impressed that you are knitting! Looking forward to seeing the finished scarf!