Thursday, October 7, 2010

A finish and another Quilt a gift project

I am having some "fun" trying to blog today! Dear hubby has a new flash phone and so all things google have been changed! It is very frustrating but hopefully fixed now.
I have enjoyed stitching my last Crazy Christmas block this week and here it is. The applique is a lot of work and it is tiny but very worthwhile. I do love Lynette's little pictures. This is the last block and I am determined to put it together next month. I am planning to sash it simply instead of doing the crazy patchwork.
There have been a few busy days with our eldest's 29th birthday dinner, a busy day at the shop and some time needed to prepare for the stitching days which are coming up very soon. It was also lovely to have a day of shopping with dear friends, Karen and Di, yesterday. I have also been trying to get a few more of the samples made for next term's classes using the "Quilt a Gift book. This is the start for the lovely birthday bag with its little felt candles.

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