Monday, May 2, 2011

Danni's wedding

It was so special on Saturday to head out to Gundaroo and watch Danni's wedding. She looked so beautiful and we had such a lovely time saying hello to her as she arrived in the limousine. It had been overcast in Canberra but the blue skies could be seen over Gundaroo. The wedding was held in the grounds of "Grazing", a very special restaurant in the old Royal Hotel.

Here she is with Dad ready to walk "down the aisle".
It was perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. It was even quite warm in the sun.

Congratulations, Danni and Aaron.
We peeked in the reception marquee and Margaret, Danni's Mum, had made a beautiful, stitched banner which was hanging on the bridal table. It looked beautiful. Margaret looked so lovely in her outfit that we thought she could have gone to The Wedding that was held in London the day before.

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the sun shone on a beautiful bride.........