Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Busy weekend

We have just had the busiest weekend! Then the computer needed work so it was a bit difficult to post. Last weekend we had a great time though it would be good if sometimes things were a bit more spread out. On Friday, Fiona came to Canberra and we set up for our first Stitching on the Lake day on Saturday. That night our daughter, Lyndal, had a wonderful 70's party at her "new" 70's house. It was a great night. Here is the wonderful castle cake for the princess made by her very clever sister in law.
 Here we are all dressed up in our 70's gear. I actually wore my poncho in the 70's!
 The next morning we were up early for our stitching day. It was a wonderful day of chatting, delicious food and stitching.
 Here are the projects.
 Here are some of the ladies busily stitching.

It was a lovely day and we are looking forward to seeing this Saturday's ladies too. It is so lovely to catch up with everyone at these days. I must take a few more pictures this week.
Then on Sunday we headed to Sydney for our niece's wedding!

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Too many eggs said...

Love the 70's gear, my friend had a 60's party for her 40th it was a hoot...

love that cushion, looks like a lovely day