Friday, March 16, 2012


There are so many photos it is hard to choose ones to share. In Port Vila a few of us hired a taxi and had a very good trip around the countryside. The highlight was a swim here in this gorgeous freshwater lagoon. It was cool and clear and the locals were having a great time swinging on a rope into the lovely water.
 There were so many gorgeous colours everywhere.

 This band welcomed us to Fiji!
Here are Ma and Pa enjoying one of the ports.
 One of our favourite stops was at the Isle of Pines. The snorkling and swimming was great and it was so beautiful.

 Bruce and I took a little tour around and visited the church.
 a fishing village,
 and this memorial.

 Lots of these photos are Bruce's, not mine, and he had fun "stitching" the pictures together. I thought stitching was a pretty good thing to be doing!


pamkennison said...

You look like you had a great time, the Isle of Pines is my favourite place, and it was fun to hear the band in Fiji. We did that cruise a few years ago, and are very tempted to do it again.

Too many eggs said...

gorgeous photo's, it looks like you had a lovely time