Thursday, February 21, 2013

More about the cruise

Our first, and only, port of call was Noumea. We were to go on to Fiji but the ship had "electrical problems" so we had 2 days in Noumea repairing the ship. Far better to have problems in port than out at sea. I tried to take a picture of this gigantic shop and had to take a front and back view to fit it all in!

 We headed into town and had a lovely coffee (the ship's coffee wasn't too good) and then wandered around the shops. We found a lovely haberdashery and fabric shop which was fun. They were using this wonderful old wooden ruler to measure the fabric. I bought some little Bohin scissors and needles and couldn't resist the lovely buttons below on their little cards.

 Fiona and I then went to the beach and had a lovely swim.
 Our second class was Portuguese whitework with Yvette Stanton. She had wonderful eyes and could count so well!!! Counted thread work has never been my favourite thing but I managed to make this bookmark! I did buy Yvette's book and would like to have another go at this kind of stitching. Mind you, my magnifier was very useful as was my ottlight.
 Here we are with our finished bookmarks.
 Here is Yvette teaching the ladies.
 Each evening we had dinner with these lovely ladies and we had lots of laughs together. We had a wonderful waiter who entertained us with tricks and jokes!
 When we weren't doing classes we enjoyed reading and stitching by the pool. Here are Sue, Jan and Fiona relaxing.

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