Friday, March 22, 2013

Karen's bag and pencil case

Karen had finished her gorgeous Red Home bag on Wednesday. Looks wonderful in this lovely range of fabrics.
 If you look carefully you will see that Karen has quilted around the birds and flowers and it looks like part of the fabric!
 Karen had also finished her pencil case!
Best head off to finish packing for Urban Stitching in Sydney. Have decided to take my big bag in case I manage to do some shopping!


FloS said...

Karen has done a beautiful work !
Enjoy your time at Urban Stitches !

Christine M said...

Beautiful projects. You won't really need a big bag Simone. You just won't have the time to shop. You'll be stitching! LOL! Have a great time.

Gina E. said...

Very cute! Doesn't ric rac add a great finishing touch to anything you use it for?!