Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vezelay and the Chateau des Bazoches

Two days ago we were so lucky to have a sunny day when we headed to Vezelay. Vezelay is a gorgeous town with wonderful old buildings, lovely shops and a beautiful church as well. We started our visit with "breakfast".....we had a cafe au lait and a caramel eclair!!!! It was so delicious. Here are some pictures of this lovely town.

 There were lovely shops on the way up to the Basilica.
 This wool shop was closed but the mohair was so tempting to touch!

We had some delicious soup and yummy french bread for lunch on the terrasse.
At the top of the hill was the astounding Basilica of St Magdalene. It was built in the 11th century.

 I visited this museum which was in a wonderful house and there some interesting modern art including pieces by Picasso.

 In the afternoon we visited the Chateau des Bazoches which was a wonderful building full of lovely furniture and paintings and family heirlooms.


Janelle said...

great pictures.xx

Penny said...

Obviously we need to spend more time in France......