Friday, June 14, 2013

More on the bike and barge tour

Here are a few more images of the bike and barge tour.
 On the third day we went to Sancerre. As the town is up on a fairly high hill a few of us, including me,  chose to go up there in a taxi while the others rode.
 The view from the top was wonderful.
 We enjoyed going through a winery and having a taste of some of the Sancerre wine.

 The next day we rode again and visited this lovely castle.
 There were quite a few rooms open.
 I enjoyed seeing some of the needlework on display and the lovely tiled floors.

 These chairs, and there were a few, were amazingly embroidered with raised work.

 This display of bobbin lace work was beautiful.

 We also wandered around a gorgeous town and saw this amazing house. Out of the top window popped a lovely young woman called Emma, who said hello and then invited us in! What a treat. The original house was built 600 years ago and her father bought it when she was a baby and had renovated it all himself. It had been beautifully done and it was so lovely inside.
In the afternoon we met the boat and sailed across the Pont Canal.

 Here is the whole group on the barge on the Pont canal.
On the next day I had another day off while most of the group rode on. It was to be a hilly course so thought it would be better. It was fun to sail on the barge and watch as it went through quite a few locks.
The barge then stayed here near the old  historic 7 locks. The next day we did a cycling loop around and visited a lovely old church and saw more beautiful scenery as well as a lovely castle.

We saw so many beautiful sights and were so lucky with the weather. We leave Paris tomorrow (very rainy today) and will have to catch up on the last week when we are in England. We have had a lovely time here (though it hasn't been summery) and have seen and experienced so many great things.


Suedio said...

Sylvia, it's been lovely sharing your journey. Hope the next stage is as good . . .

Janelle said...

Looks like a great thing to do. You did well with the riding Sylvia. You must be pleased. x

Penny said...

Very impressed with your efforts. The countryside looks lovely and there was enough blue sky to make everything look very inviting. I suppose the up side of all that cycling is you could enjoy the patisserie with no guilt!

Penny said...

Oh and I see a gorgeous quilt from your photo of the field of poppies!

FloS said...

Congratulations for your cycling !! You have seen a lot of things !!
I'm glad you had some sunny days !

KarenG said...

Wow what a wonderful experience - yes all the cycling will have ensured your fitness while on holiday. You have seen and done some amazing things. The raised work on those chairs looked fabulous (perhaps uncomfortable to sit on!) and the lace work - WOW. Hope the weather is kinder in England than has been in Paris