Friday, August 16, 2013

Canberra Quilt Show

I took a few photos of some of the quilts at the Canberra Quilters Exhibition last weekend. This one was amazing as nearly all these blocks have been hand pieced.

 Here I am with my Some Kind of Wonderful quilt.
 This one by Jenny Bowker won Best of Show and several other prizes. It was just amazing.
 This quilt was Linda's from class and it was made with very quirky fabrics. It was all about families and how they are all different and special in their own ways.

 I loved the colours in this more traditional quilt.
 This was a delightful modern quilt by Michelle Law.

 Here are a few other favourites. It was hard to choose my favourites as there were so many amazing quilts.


Anonymous said...

thankyou for the show and tell Slyvia these are awesome.xx

Karen said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. It is great to see what quilts there are at other shows around Australia. Very enjoyable.

FloS said...

Thank you for the visit !!
Some quilts are really stunning !

Heather said...

I didn't get to visit the Canberra Quilt Show this year. Really enjoyed seeing your photos. Thanks.

Penny said...

Fantastic quilts. Did Helen Godden have a new quilt in this year? There was one of her's at NEC last week in an exhibition 'Under the Southern Skies' along with a few other Australian quilters that I recognised. In fact the exhibition may have been at the Canberra show last year as am sure I had seen most of them before.