Monday, March 3, 2014

The Sounds, classes and desserts

The next day we had a misty day sailing through the fjords. The scenery was spectacular. I have seen it before in sunshine so it was quite lovely to see it all misty and mysterious.

 Here is Fiona teaching her class. These ladies were doing the canvas work.
 These are some of my lovely students. We had a very relaxing time stitching and chatting.

 Alison came along on the second day and had added sequins and beads to her cushion. Looks wonderful!
 One of Fiona's ladies finished her lid for her sewing box. It was beautifully done.
 My last day of classes didn't go ahead so I helped Kim teach her class in the conference centre. I was so glad she was able to come to the class (she had been really sea sick) as the methods and equipment for this project was way out of my comfort zone. I had never even heard about special Angelina fibres you iron to make shiny fabric and hadn't ever used shiva sticks (oil paint in a crayon kind of stick). The ladies had a lovely time playing with these different mediums as well as paint and pencils to colour in.

 We didn't make it to many of the performances on board but made sure we went to the ice skating show. It was amazing!
 Must just finish off this post with 2 more of the delicious desserts!

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Anonymous said...

thankyou sylvia for sharing your wonderful moments i love the projects that you and fiona were teaching,gee i wished i had gone,hopefully there will be another time.xx