Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wednesday stitching and some progress

Guess who came to Hobbysew on Wednesday morning for a little visit? We minded her for a short time while Mum and Dad went and did a few messages. We were all a little disappointed that Alice didn't wake up for a cuddle!
 In class in the afternoon, it was lovely to see Roni's lovely finishes. She made this lovely purse from a pattern by Lynette Anderson.
 She also finished this little canvas work that I designed for one of our stitching days.

 I've been having some fun stitching and finishing some Christmas projects. In term 3 we usually do Christmas projects so we are doing some of the lovely things we made last year at Stitching on the Lake and also making some of the lovely projects in Stitch it for Christmas, by Lynette Anderson. This is a canvas work designed by Fiona and I just needed to sew it together.
 These lovely stockings are in the book. The one on the right is the correct size and the one on the left is one I made earlier when I had enlarged the pattern incorrectly. It is rather cute!
 These decorations are in the book too and were quick and easy to make.
 I am loving stitching this gorgeous mat with Lynette's beautiful reindeers on it. Quite a bit if stitching still to do but it is good fun. I do love Christmas projects!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia ,she is so adorable what a sweetie and love your reindeer mat i must get back into min,hope you have a lovely day.xx