Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Balloons and grandies

The balloon spectacular has been on over the last few weeks and I did get up one morning VERY early to see them. Sadly they weren't at Old Parliament house as there was no wind! Luckily they did eventually fly and we were able to see them from the Arboretum. I took this one and thanks to Bruce for the bottom three photos!

 He did go out another morning and managed to get this lovely shot.
 The little people are growing up so fast. Little Alice is crawling everywhere! Hope you notice her t-shirt as her Mummy appliqued a giraffe onto it.

 We are so enjoying these little fellows. So much chatting and activity when they visit these days!

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shez said...

hi Sylvia,what lovely pics of the balloons and of course your little people,i do love the giraffe on Alices top,oh your grandies are adorable and they are growing up so fast.xx