Saturday, May 2, 2015

Some knitting and stitching

Can't believe another week has gone since I have blogged. Classes and other activities started again this week so the days flew by. We headed to Sydney last weekend to catch up with Ma which was lovely. I have been knitting over the last few weeks trying to get 2 vests made for the boys. Here is the first one that still needs sewing up.
 I also started on May's blocks for the Stitch-a-long. Once the fabrics are chosen it is fun to applique them.
Great to see the class ladies again this week. I didn't catch all the show and tell but Sally has made her appliqued pouch from the stitching day and another from an Anni Downs' pattern. They both look lovely.

 Can't resist leaving you with some pictures of the little ones (some are a lot bigger these days!)
 Alice liked the buttons on her cardigan. She thought they would be good to eat.
 Here are the little men. They are hard to capture as they are so busy!
 Sammy liked his hair clip!!

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