Sunday, December 18, 2016


It has been a wonderful week of parties and celebrations this week. Sadly I didn't take many photos of several of them! I was too busy enjoying myself! The first 2 were held at Hobbysew and were with my 2 classes. Thank you, ladies, for continuing to come each week and also for bringing some lovely food to share on Wednesday last week. I took a few photos of what the ladies have been making. Jayne made this lovely little mat using a free pattern from Gail Pan.
 Lynne is hooked on canvas work and created this great scissor keeper. This is one side and below is the other.

 Roni came on Wednesday wearing this wonderful necklace! I so want one of these.
 We had a wonderful time in the evening class too with bubbles and supper and Secret Santa too. Sadly I missed out on taking photos of the wonderful gifts except for my lovely one. Thanks Jenny, for this great pouch and fabrics.
 Then on Thursday I partied on with an amazing lunch. So lovely to share good times with these lovely ladies.....and with Marion's large but very friendly dog!

 Once again the food was great.
 Then on Friday we headed to Donna's beautifully decorated house for Christmas high tea. It was amazing. Thanks so much for hosting it Donna.

We then celebrated with family yesterday but that will have to wait for another post!


Jocelyn Thurston said...

thanks for sharing photos of such marvelous times together. I am eyeing the pavlova because I have the recipe for an Australian pavlova I have on my list to make for the big day.

Chookyblue...... said...

Omg so many parties......