Wednesday, April 5, 2017


On Thursday, 30 March, we caught the fast train to Bordeaux. It is a fantastic way to travel. We arrived in the afternoon and the weather was so perfect, 25 degrees, that we had a lovely time wandering around the old city. Bordeaux has some absolutely beautiful buildings in the old town.

 It was a bit rainy on Friday so we checked out 2 of the museums. The Musee Des Artes Decoratif was very interesting and the house itself was very special.

 In the afternoon we visited the Musee d'Aquitaine, which has an amazing collection of historical artifacts.

On Saturday we caught the tram over the bridge and enjoyed seeing the city from the other side of the river.

We then caught the bus to the train station to pick up our car. Finally, we found the car hire place and then attempted to find the Priory Cayan. The car's gps has no historical landmarks on it so we had to drive around using a very basic map. Eventually we found it and it was worth the visit. There was a craft exhibition on which was very special to see. 

 We had a walk through the grounds and then headed to the airport to pick up Penny and John who are joining us for our next week in the Dordogne.


Jocelyn Thurston said...

Wonderful photos of wonderful travels. Enjoy!

Michele Hill said...

Oh my are OS again Sylvia!! How exciting and thankyou for sharing it all with always your nearest and dearest takes photos that are just the best! Have fun xx

Chookyblue...... said...