Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ambleside and Hill Top

On Tuesday, 2nd May, we went down memory lane! Thirty nine years ago we camped in the Lake District and we came to Ambleside. The memories are vague but we both remembered a little house that was over a river in the town. The town has grown, I think, quite a bit over the years but we managed to find Bridge House!

 We then went to Hill Top, which is the house that Beatrix Potter loved in. I did come here all those years ago too but it was very special to visit once more.

We went for a walk near Hilltop to see the lovely countryside.

In the village of Hawkshead, there is this gallery which had many of Beatrix Potter's original drawings and some of her photos too. It was well worth the visit.
As we were close, we also went to Coniston. It was a bit tricky finding the lake, Coniston Water, but we found it eventually! 


Chookyblue...... said...

Beautiful..... It's so green ....

Michele Hill said...

So glad you got to Hill Top Sylvia and Ambleside is such a special place for us too! Sorry to see my version of the historic Potter wedding quilt version is not on the bed yet.........I wonder why......you didn't get a chance to ask did you?? Enjoy the rest of your journey and thanks for sharing x

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Isn't it gorgeous there! And what a treat to visit Hilltop. Enjoy it all.