Friday, August 14, 2009

Craft Show Purchases

Here are some of the things I bought at the Canberra Craft Show. I had bought the curvemaster foot in Sydney so needed some drunkeds path templates and a small rotary cutter to try it out. Note that they are still in their wrappings so they haven't been used yet.
I bought a little (not needed) fabric.
This is the pattern and tool to make rag rugs. I have always wanted to have a go and years ago had admired the rag rugs at the Quilters Barn in Victoria and this is the pattern for their rugs.
The lovely stall with felt and wool tempted me very much and in the end I bought this gorgeous pattern. It is so cute and I might have a little girl to make it for one day!

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Audreycw said...

maybe you can bring the dolly pattern on Wednesday night for us to have a look at!! ;)