Saturday, August 8, 2009

A few quilts at the craft show

There were some amazing quilts on show at the Canberra Quilters Exhibition at the Craft Show. Took a few photos to share. This quilt is by Jenny Bowker and it really amazing. The detail in the applique and the quilting is wonderful. His jacket looked felted. The sky was pieced as well. It won a blue first ribbon. It was exciting to meet Jenny as well.
I bought a special foot (the curvemaster) at the last show and a perspex Drunkeds path template this time to have a go at some curves. This was a curvey quilt on display.
This is one of Margot's quilts and I completely wrecked the shot but it still looks good. Looks a fun quilt to make.
Being a blue girl, I really liked this lovely quilt. It is just snowballs but looks so effective. It was beautifully quilted too.
Today was another busy day working at the show. It is great fun seeing all the familiar faces once again. That's it for show going for me. Hope I bought all the things I should have!


Chocolate Cat said...

Jenny Bowkers quilts are amazing, I have only seen them though on her blog or in magazines, I would love to see them 'live'!

Bev C said...

Oh this quilt of Jenny's is just stunning.