Tuesday, December 28, 2010


We have had a very lovely Christmas which seems to have gone on for days! We celebrated with our kids on the night before Christmas eve and then enjoyed leftovers with Lyndal and Nick and some of us enjoyed watching "Love Actually" again. It is a wonderful movie. We went to church on Christmas day and then headed to Sydney for a yummy lunch at Ma and Pa's place with just some of the family. In the afternoon it was lovely to catch up with my brother and his wife and family for afternoon tea. We haven't had Christmas together since 2008 so it was very special. My photos weren't great but here are a few of the tree and this gorgeous gingerbread house.

It was especially great to see and get to know their grandchildren as we don't see them very often. Thankfully hubby took some better shots.

There is a third little one but she was asleep for most of the time as she is only 3 weeks old. In the evening we went to Deirdre and Paul's house and had another wonderful meal with some of the Frazer clan.
Here is Pa checking out this hamper.
Here are the kids with Ma and Pa.
And here are the oldies as well. It was just a little family this time with a few members elsewhere.
It was a wonderful evening for dining outside.
Bruce and I stayed in Sydney on Sunday and had a relaxing time with Ma and Pa. On Monday we headed to Camden for another extended family "do". We have always had this special gathering on Boxing day and it was sad this year as Auntie Dorothy wasn't with us. Here are Uncle Allen and Auntie Shirley, the oldest members of the family. Ma is the youngest sister. It was fun to catch up with the cousins that could make it this year.
What a busy time and what a lot of eating!!!! It is so special to spend these times with the family.

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L Garcia Muro said...

Nice stitch, isn't family gathering the best, I enjoy sharing the gift of love that God has created for us. Love just brings joy and happiness in all of us.