Sunday, December 5, 2010

Red spotty jugs and more decorations

Part of the decorating included taking everything off the dresser and replacing it with Christmas plates etc. These very special red spotty jugs have come all the way from Lavenham in Suffolk. Penny and I had a wonderful time looking at the delightful shops there and I wanted these red jugs! They wouldn't fit into my luggage so John offered to bring them over the next time he was in Australia for work. Thanks John! Here they are being displayed for Christmas. I love them so much I leave them out all the time.
This is a picture of the display in the lovely shop.
Here are a few more decorations. You would have guessed by now that I love Nancy Halverson's books and   enjoy making lots of her Christmas patterns. Here are a couple featuring the lovely buttons.

Here is the little cushion I made with the stitchery I completed earlier. It was part of my Secret Santa gift last night and is now decorating Adrienne's home.

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Deb said...

Sylvia, love your jugs, they would go beautifully with all my red spotties, gorgeous.