Monday, August 1, 2011

Stitching last week

With all the sadness of last week, it was actually really good to keep busy with my classes and other activities. Thanks to all my dear friends who rallied around me and kept me busy! I am also pleased that I always have some stitching on hand to busy my mind. Thanks especially to the Christmas class ladies on Monday as that was a very tough day. They were so kind and considerate. It was lovely to see my Wednesday girls too both social and in the classes. They had lots of lovely show and tell too. Can't remember who had made these canvas goodies but they look great.
 Karen had her store to share. She has added her own special touches and the block looks lovely.
 In the evening, Sue has fused her church. I am so motivated now to start this block. Must get my little children stitched first on the school block.
 Margaret and Danni had these great quilts made for Danni's little fellow. What a very lucky boy. He will have a quilt at Grandma's and at home. Margaret made this Spot quilt. Those Spot books are wonderful and were my girls' favourites too.
 Here is the lovely animal quilt that Danni has stitched. This is such a lovely pattern by Natalie Bird.

 Sue showed us this lovely pin cushion that a friend had made for her. Love the pins!

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