Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dinas Head and St David's

On Monday, 3 August, we went to Newport for morning tea and a wander through the little markets there. We then went to Dinas Head and walked up to see the amazing view. Bruce and John went further up than us but we did pretty well.

 We then went to St David's and visited the cathedral, parts of which had been built in around 1180 as a monastery and has had an amazing history.

 Penny and I noticed a Sampler tea room so we just had to have afternoon tea there and see a the amazing, old samplers. So hard to believe that some had been stitched by little girls of 10 or 11 and some even younger.

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Meryl and Glenn said...

Enjoyed all your photos and stories on the blog and Facebook. Have a good trip home. See you in November!