Friday, August 14, 2015

Mwnt and the Welsh Quilt Museum

We are now home safe and sound after several busy days of travel. We had a wonderful time away but it is lovely to be home. It was especially nice to see Ma, Paul and Jeni in Sydney and to see our kids and the little people tonight. Best catch up on the last few weeks.
On Tuesday, 4 August, we had a rainy day so it was nice to have a relax in our little cottage in the morning. In the afternoon we visited a place called Myrw which has a rugged beach and an old church. We visited the church but as we left the wind was wild and it was rainy. Penny and I decided to sit in the car and stitch. The weather cleared a little and Bruce and John decided to walk up to see the view. It was pretty spectacular.

As you can see there were people on the beach even though the weather was very cool. On Wednesday we headed back to Hay on Wye and visited Lampeter on the way. At Lampeter there is a lovely patchwork shop called Calico Kate and the Welsh Quilt Museum. It had a wonderful display of gorgeous old quilts. Many of them were whole quilts of one fabric which had been hand quilted.

 There were pieced quilts too.

 The embroidery below has been done by an amazing 90 year old woman!

 I especially liked these framed machine embroideries. Many of them were churches and chapels which have been appliqued and embellished by machine.

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Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Welcome back Sylvia.....fabulous quilts there!