Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Stitching on holidays

I did do a little stitching on holidays. I had a bit of a disaster (not really, just disappointing) on the flight home as I left my little zippered bag with my stitching on the plane! Qantas attempted to find it but I think it had been souvenired. I do hope whoever has it enjoys finishing my stitchery. I had stitched a few blocks for a quilt for little Jack so not too much work was lost. I was sad to lose my threads, my little scissors and a few other bits and pieces and my homemade pouch! Thankfully the rest of my stitching was safely in my luggage. I managed to crochet a shawl which was fun and complete a few stitcheries from United Stitches. I also had fun with a bit of canvas work.


Susan said...

So sad about your pouch, at least it didn't have your best masterpiece in it!

Jocelyn Thurston said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of a great holiday. Too bad about your little pouch getting lost and hopefully if someone saw it and thought to keep it, they would probably appreciate the contents very much. I guess I'm hopeful it has found a good home. Your embroideries are beautiful. Happy Stitching.

Bellbird said...

What bad luck leaving your little pouch behind! I do love the thatched cottage canvas work.