Sunday, February 22, 2009

Miniature Embroidery

Just thought I would share with you a miniature embroidery designed by Kaylene Evans. It is found in a lovely book called "Creative Heirloom Treasures". Sadly the book  isn't available nowadays but Canberra Needlework  were able to get some copies a few years ago and we did a term on the lovely projects in the book. This tiny garden is only about 3" square so it is stitched in single strand DMC thread. 

We are all excited here as our daughter, Lyndal and her husband, Nick, are back after living in London for 13 months. It is so lovely to have them home again and they are enjoying the warmth and the sunshine! There wasn't much sun in London over the last year. They are staying here with us while they do some renovations on their townhouse.


Fiona said...

Hi Sylvia,
This embroidery was fun to do wasn't it? Mine is somewhere around here - probably misplaced in the move!
Had a lovely day today in Bodalla teaching.
Fiona x

Lulu said...

Hi, just came across your post while I was googling for info on Kayelene Evans. I did the same embroidery, but had trouble finding a ready-made frame to suit. Did you get one specially made?