Friday, July 10, 2009

Donna's Thimble and some framing

Donna showed us this lovely old thimble she bought in Seattle a few weeks ago when she was visiting her daughter. Imagine all the stitches it has helped to sew in its long life.
Donna keeps it in this cute little "thimble" bag! Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry as I was trying to get too close!
I think I told you that my favourite framer is closing his little business soon so I just HAD to get some framing done. These are 2 canvas works that I stitched a long time ago and hadn't ever had framed so now they are. Haven't worked out where I am going to put all the things that I framed.

All this framing will give me lots to post over the next few days.


Fiona said...

finally finally Sylvia! I think you stitched these years ago didn't you??? they look great - won't you miss your framer??

Jina said...

I LOVE your little green thimble bag. Where did you ever find it? Jina, NY/USA