Thursday, July 2, 2009

The rest of the Class projects

Here is Olde time Santa with his bag and favourite teddy.
These are the 2 Christmas canvas works. The left hand one is a design by Lisa and one we did in the Bay a long time ago. Hope it's OK with you, Lisa, to teach it again.
The little decorations are all from the Scrappy bag pattern below. You can make a bag or make lots of little decerations using the stitcheries.
This is the Scrappy bag.
I have the dreaded "lurgy" (another word for a cold) and was supposed to head out to lunch with some friends today and have had to miss out! How disappointing. I am sure they will be pleased not to catch this. I did go out to stitching yesterday and probably shouldn't have. Sorry if I have passed it on to anyone else.

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