Sunday, October 4, 2009

Work in progress and a new book

Here is proof that I have been stitching recently. I have also been finishing the Christmas Day projects for the class I am running at Hobbysew in November. It was exciting to see that there were 7 people booked in which is great, especially as they haven't seen the samples yet! I have finished the notes for the projects and will post some pictures soon. The samples will be in the shop on Tuesday. These are Anni Downes' Christmas baubles in woven wool felt. These are very time consuming but the results are worth it.
I also couldn't resist getting Anni's new book, A Boy's Story, from Hobbysew this week. We saw all the lovely quilts at Anni's shop when we visited The Home Patch in Bathurst. I haven't even really got any boys (yet) to sew for but just had to have the book anyway.
Here is Peter showing us one of the quilts in the book when we were at the shop. I wasn't allowed to post the pictures till the book was released.
And here is the precious felt robot from the book. I would love to make him too.


Anonymous said...

Those baubles are just so sweet!

Wendy B said...

You have been working hard!!.... and the time taken to make the baubles was worth it...they're wonderful!!
'o) Wendy B

Gina E. said...

Hi Sylvia,
Having some time tonight to browse, I have re-visited your blog, and am drooling over your photos! The ones from your Guild are fabulous; our Guild in Melbourne has just finished its annual exhibition too. I used to take heaps of photos and post them on my blog, but I got a 'slap on the wrist' last year for doing that, and this year they had signs up all over the gallery "NO PHOTOS ALLOWED". I really can't see the harm in it - I only did that so that people who aren't able to attend the exibition could still see most of it on my blog. Cie la vie...
You are so lucky to be working in a patchwork shop and doing those classes! There used to be a patchwork shop around the corner from me, but they closed down before I became interested in doing it, darn it! Still, I'm taking lessons in a nearby suburb now, at the lady's home, but it's not like being in the shop with all those fabrics around you :-)