Friday, July 16, 2010

Lovely visit to the Bay

I headed to Batemans Bay on Wednesday to catch up with some dear friends. We met at Barbie's place and she had made a delicious cake, slice and her very special Latvian savouries (can't remember the name or how to spell them) for morning tea. A few of us stitched but we mostly chatted, ate and caught up.
We then went out for a delicious lunch in the Bay. We didn't really need lunch after that great morning tea but we managed. This is the view from the restaurant. It brought back lots of memories as when my girls were small we sometimes came to this spot, before the walkway was there and had morning tea or lunch  in an earlier restaurant. The water used to come up to the Peppercorn tree.

Karen was using her needlecase and I admired it and she reminded me that I had made it for her as a gift! I hadn't remembered! It is one of Lynette Anderson's designs.

Karen was binding this lovely quilt. 

I stayed till Thursday and Karen and I went into town for a delicious breakfast prepared for us but her lovely daughter, the chef, at the restaurant where she worked. It was so sunny and mild we were able to sit outside! Couldn't do that here in Canberra!


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Good Morning I'm interested...I'm Latvian too and wondering if Barbie is a local. I wonder, did she make Pierags...savoury yeast with bacon and onion in the middle? And yes, we can sit outside here today too...Dzintra

Anonymous said...

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