Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Not too much to blog lately

I am glad that my classes start again today as it will be lovely to see all the girls after our few weeks break. I don't have enough to blog when I don't get to see what they have been up to.I had to borrow some of hubby's photos! We had lunch with friends on Sunday and this one of the the views from their lovely apartment.
Hubby has been playing with his many lenses to get the light right and took this picture of one of my little cluttered corners. I don't think I could ever be a minialist as each little item brings back lovely memories. The old Ikea chair and one of my favourite quilts, some old cross stitch, and my little Amish corner. We had a lovely holiday years ago and visited the Amish area near Lancaster and I enjoyed making the dolls and quilts. My friend Karen made the little Amish house one for me as a gift.
Here is one of hubby's misty pictures taken one night recently. It was a very chilly evening.


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Sylvia, I absolutely adore your wee Amish corner, its stunning.