Friday, July 30, 2010

So much to show and tell

I had a lovely Wednesday again with social stitching and then classes in the afternoon and evening. It was so good to see everyone and to see what they have been stitching. It might fill a few blog posts! Donna does the most exquisite wool embroidered blankets and she is working on an Australian native one and this is the centre so far. It is worth clicking on it and making it larger to see the detail. She designs it all herself using some embroidery books for inspiration.
This is in a corner of the blanket.
Jan has been making the loveliest shoe bags to use when travelling. I think you would have to have very beautiful shoes to put in these bags! After stitching some of us went out to Gold Creek to have lunch at the gorgeous tea shop out there. I really had dessert only and had the yummy dutch profetjies and they were so good. It is well worth a visit and I hope to go again!
Sally, in the evening class, has a brand new grandchild and has made this lovely bunny quilt for her.

Carol came to class last night with a whole bag of finished things. Fantastic work, Carol. We thought she might not miss a few if they jumped into our bags! Here are just 2 of them. This is a Nancy Halverson design and doesn't it look great on the wire stand. I wonder who has one of those stands hidden in her cupboard without a hanging on it?

Carol has also finished her little chocolate basket from one of my patterns from an earlier stitching day. Looks great, Carol. 
You will have to wait till tomorrow to see the rest of Carol's and the other girls' lovely stitching.

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Karen said...

The wool blanket embroidery is absolutely stunning! Beautiful work. Same with the quilting, the bunny quilt, santa, and bag are all gorgeous!