Monday, January 17, 2011

Candlewicked bags, the chatelaine and some borders

Here is the triangular chatelaine. I am pleased with the result though the old cardboard and gluing isn't really my most favourite thing to do!

This is the inside.
Here are the 2 candlewicked bags. The one on the right is the old design we did a few years ago and the one on the left is the new one. I stitched it on patchwork fabric this time instead of the sienna linen.
Ta dah!!! Here is the Crazy Christmas quilt with borders. Now do I quilt it or get it done professionally? It is only little so I should do it but the motivation isn't there. I will give it some thought over the next few days.


Jilly said...

They are all so beautiful do you sell the pattens for them?
I love them all!!!

Tatkis said...

All your creations are so nice! I like the triangle pyramid very much :)

Best wishes,

superman said...

Wow! Your bag is really amazing! The triangle shape is beautiful and very creative.

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mj said...

Wow! I love your creation! Its really amazing!

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cS said...

What a beautiful homemade creations! You know what we have similar interests I have made different candlewicked bags too...

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