Friday, January 14, 2011

Stitching progress and a good book

Here is the button bead that I created for the little pencil case. I didn't have a matching bead so had fun making my own version. I am feeling very righteous as the notes are written too!
Here is the little Sheep canvas work all made up.
I did manage to add the other 2 rows to the Crazy Christmas quilt. Now to figure out the borders.
I have just started reading "At Home" by Bill Bryson. I bought this for hubby for his birthday and have been waiting ever since to get to read it. It is a fascinating read about homes and the history of houses in Bill's usual interesting and amusing style.
My biggest achievement this week is putting away the decorations. It is a big job, as is putting all the other pictures and quilts back up! I do love the decorations and keep adding to the collection so I am my own worst enemy!


Marie said...

that button bead looks perfect. the pencil case is really nice. Congratulations

Patty C. said...

The Christmas Quilt is wonderful - Congrats

Suedio said...

Sylvia, I'm a bit of a button girl, so your button/bead is a big hit with me!

And your little sheep is fantastic.

Well done getting the decorations away. It always seems so much easier getting them out, doesn't it?