Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lovely break in warm Queensland

We headed off on Saturday for a 4 night family break on the Gold Coast. We haven't had a family holiday for quite some time so it was lovely to have this time with the kids.We had three apartments near the beach and had a great time. We had some delicious meals.... pancakes for breakfast, Mexican, Thai and some delicious meals at one of the surf clubs. It was very relaxing though we did walk a bit as we were about 2 kms from Broadbeach and the same from Surfers. We had rainy weather for the first days but then were so lucky with the next two days. Here is the misty beach. I had a wild, very rough swim in the lovely warm water and the boys went down and enjoyed the surf a few times.
Here is the view from the balcony. This is the rainy view.
Here is the almost sunny one.
The complex had a great pool and the water was a perfect temperature. It was also quite warm so a swim was lovely.
Some of us went to Movie World where there were lots of rides and some shows. It was a very hot day but we had a good time. Some of us, not me, went on the big scary rides.

I did go on this one and also the Wild West ride where you get rather wet! It was quite nice to be wet when it was so hot.
Nice to be home again though it is quite a bit cooler. Didn't get much stitching done while I was away but did enjoy reading a couple of books.


Tatkis said...

Such a great family break! Love the first misty picture :)

Best wishes,

Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like a lovely family break. Oh for some warm weather to warm my bones, it's too early for winter to set in yet!