Monday, March 14, 2011

Show and Tell and Canberra's light show

Margot had finished her pencil case last week and here it is. She used music fabric instead of ticking to form the stitching lines and the pencil case looks lovely.

Judy has made another special gift for her coming grandchild. She has stitched the front and then made it onto a box to put baby necessities into. 
We headed out on Saturday night to check out some of the buildings in Canberra that are being lit up over this Canberra day weekend. They were really wonderful to see. Hubby took his tripod and good camera amd managed to take some wonderful photos. The first three are the front of the library. Hard to believe that this is just the front of a building.

Old Parliament house looked really fabulous especially with the reflections in the pond. There were about 6 different colours/themes on each building. 

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Chocolate Cat said...

I would of loved to have seen the light show! Just heard during the week that the portrait gallery isn't at Old parliament house anymore, is that true??? That was a favorite place of mine to visit.