Sunday, September 25, 2011


We had a great day in Berlin yesterday. We headed into town and walked past some amazing sights on our way to the TV tower to join our Fat Tire Bike Tour. I know...I rode a bike!

 The tour was great even though it was on a bike. Made me realise that we should be having at least a week here to see more great museums and sights.
 Here we are at the Berlin wall. So amazing to see all the fairly recent historical sites.
 The memorial to the Jews.
 There is a marathon here today so there were so many people around.
 Here is the proof! I am riding a bike.
Each bike had a squeaky toy on it and was named so you could get your own one each time. I managed the ride without falling over or running into anyone!
 In the evening we went to the amazing restaurant at Potsdamer Platz where they cook the pasta dish on the spot. We had to wait in a line for ages  but it was a very interesting experience and the pasta was good.

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janelle said...

I thought you'd love it! We did... and want to go back as we couldn't see everything in the time we had.