Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vienna, river cruising and Linz

We had 2 lovely days in Vienna wandering around.

 We really enjoyed these icecream sundaes! They looked a lot smaller in the menu!
That night we found a lovely Austrian restaurant and Bruce has schnitzel and I enjoyed bratwurst and sourkraut. Yum! 

We wandered a bit more during the next morning and then went onto our river boat and settled in. It was lovely to unpack! On the first day we went to Schonbrunn palace and then spent a lovely afternoon of scenic cruising.

 Bruce ran up the top and he is there somewhere. We also went into the palace which was lovely.
Today we visited Linz, which is where I was born many years ago. We went up the tallest mountain/hill and checked out the church and the view.

 We wandered around the old town.

 We also sampled some linzertorte at this lovely bakery.
The boat is lovely and the food is wonderful.


janelle said...

Glad you got to see Linz. Sounds like the cruise is lovely. All is well here. Dad has had three consecutive days free of vertigo.

janelle said...

Saw Penny this morning. She is well.