Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Regensburg to Bamburg

It is Tuesday here in Germany today and we have spent the morning in the lovely town of Bamberg. It has a nice old town and some spectacular churches. We managed to puchase some delicious hot chocolates and a piece of yummy torte with our limited German. It was a bit rainy but it wasn't too bad.

Over the last few days we visited Regensburg and Nuremburg. They were both very interesting cities. It was unbelievable to stand in Nuremburg on the Zeppelin field where Hitler held his huge rallies in the 1930s. The city had been very damaged in WW 11 and they have rebuilt the old town and the fort as they were before the war.
 This is where Hitler stood during those rallies, on the centre platform behind the small fence. Pretty amazing to see!

We also enjoyed Regensburg which was a very pretty town. At each place we go on a walking tour which is very informative. It is fascinating to hear about the history of each place.

The river cruise is lovely. We are eating far too much as there is so much choice!


janelle said...

Wonderful experiences! Great to hear about it.

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Meryl said...

Hi Sylvia Still enjoying your blog but missing the lovely photos. Hope you can put some on soon. Meryl