Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stitching, new book, new fabric and little boys

Just headed into the sewing room today and put together July's SKOW blocks. I had them stitched ages ago but hadn't added the little squares! Must get on and do the side border but might wait till the last 3 blocks are done! So close to finishing now.
 I have been slowly stitching these little birds from the Vignette quilt. I suppose even a little stitching will help to get the quilt done!

 It was exciting to receive this lovely book in the post recently. I do love Lynette's Christmas projects. I do agree with Hanne and Abyquilt that enlarging the designs by 200% is really painful.
 Just love the fabrics in Lynette's Christmas Fun range! They came the other day and are just gorgeous.

 My favourites are the reds, of course!
 Most exciting of all is the little chaps coming home from hospital! Here they are in their little capsules wearing Nanna's (that's me) knitted cardigans. So cute.
 They sleep some of the day away in their pram. This is on their first day at home.
They came here today for a visit with Mum which was so lovely! So very special to have them living up the road!


Susan said...

Lynette's new fabrics are so beautiful - I love the red too. The boys look adorable, and I think they I'll love having you up the road too.

Anonymous said...

those two little boys are adorable,just got Lynette's book and need to get the patterns made bigger,next time i am in town.xx

Chookyblue...... said...

lots of wonderful glad the boys are home now.......