Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The boys are home and a bit of stitching

Here are the little fellows without the tubes on their last day in hospital. The little family had two nights in hospital rooming in and then came home on Monday. They are so very precious! Lots of hard work ahead but so lovely to see them home safely.

 Over the last few weeks I have been busy with some secret finishing off for our retreat which is only a week and a bit away! I did manage to get this project put together though. This is one of Anni Downs' patterns that we did at Jukejema last year! I am such a procrastinator at getting things finished!
 I also finally made a little more progress on my Vignette quilt and put together 2 of the centre blocks! Lots of applique and stitching to go on this piece.
 Classes started last week and it was lovely to see all the ladies. We had a special visitor to the night class. Little Heidi came to class and here she is having a cuddle with Heidi!
 She was such a good girl and let Mum have a night of stitching.
Thanks to the ladies who came to my Christmas class on Monday. We had a very nice day of stitching, some stitching the tree cushion and a few having a go at the hexagon decorations. I forgot to take any photos!


Suedio said...

Hi Sylvia. So glad the boys are home. Now the fun begins :)

It seems it's babies all round you at the moment. Nothing like starting them young in your classes!!

Nice finish on your Christmas runner. Lovely, as all Anni's designs tend to be.

Anonymous said...

Slyvia they are the cutest little guys what a blessing and love your xmas mat,well done.xx

FloS said...

Hi Sylvia !! Your grand sons are really cute !!
I love your table runner and I tell you "bravo" for your progress on the Vignette quilt !! It has gone in the twilight zone at my house !!!

Susan said...

The boys are just adorable. You must be so happy that they are home. Love your table topper.