Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boys and Vignette progress

I minded the boys yesterday and they slept for almost the whole time! Such good little fellows. When they got up Mummy put them into their new appliqued suits!
 Benny in his suit but I couldn't capture a smile!

 Here they are when they came to visit on Monday night. It was a much cooler day so they are in long suits.
 I have been working on my needleturn applique on the two other centre blocks. It is time consuming but is coming along well.


Smily - Света said...

The children smiles are always so sweet!

FloS said...

Your Vignette quilt is very beautiful !! I lovethe colors you choose !

Cathy said...

Lovely seeing the boys Sylvia; and aren't they their own distinct person!

Too many eggs said...

looks great Sylvia, i love the boys cute