Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Visiting Phoebe and stitching

Deirdre and Ma came for a quick visit to see Phoebe too. It was lovely to see the little one again and to see her and Lois with "old" Ma, their very special great grandmother.

 Here is Ma with little Phoebe and her family.
 I have been stitching and it is so good to be getting a few things done on my old UFOs. I so want to start new things but am actually enjoying working on these projects and seeing them progress. The top and bottom borders are on Scandinavian Christmas. I had been putting this off as "too hard" and it has been really quite easy.I have started on the side borders now.
 I have also completed the applique on the second half of the centre of Vignette. Now to do all those little satin stitch dots!


Susan said...

Lovely family pics, and beautiful stitching. Your ufos are both coming along so well.

FloS said...

Beautiful progresses Sylvia !