Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

How amazing to think that another year has flown but and here we are in 2013. Happy New Year everyone. We headed out and watched the 9pm fireworks and then saw the New year in at a gathering at the home of some friends. Hubby used his new camera to take a few good shots.

The new year certainly makes you think about the year just past. 2012 has been a great year for us. Luckily we have been in good health and have been able to go away and enjoy many good times. Of course the highlight of our year was the birth of little Sam and little Ben. We are so enjoying being grandparents to these little fellows. Can't believe that they were so small in hospital and now.....
 they are laughing and rolling and are such special little fellows.
The rest of the year was good too. There were some very special family days, Avril and Tim's wedding, Ma's birthday and then Ma and Pa's 60th wedding anniversary.
We were also so lucky to get to go on 2 wonderful holidays. The first was the cruise with Ma and Pa and Jeni and Paul early in the year. That was such good fun and it was so lovely that Pa was able to come and enjoy himself.
We also enjoyed our wonderful holiday to San Francisco and cruising all the way home. It was great fun and especially meeting our dinner buddies, Jenny and Jim and Jennifer and Gary.
It was wonderful too to share in Ash and Tim's wedding in December. What a beautiful wedding.

As always, stitching was very important. Fiona and I enjoyed running our stitching days and the "Stitching in the Hills" retreat was great fun. We also enjoyed Urban stitching in Melbourne and going to the craft show in Sydney too. 
I imagine 2013 will be a bit similar! I hope so anyway. I do wish everyone a very happy New Year and hope that this year is a year of health and happiness with lots of good times (especially stitching ones!).


FIONA said...

Lovely memories Sylvia!! Good to be able to share lots of them with you!! xx

Janelle said...

Great to look back! x

Suedio said...

That's a good year to look back on Sylvia. Hope this new one is fantastic!