Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We have had a lovely Easter weekend here. I hope you have had a happy weekend too. We went to church and enjoyed 2 special services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday remembering what Easter is all about.
We definitely enjoyed some chocolate too! These were for the whole family....not just us!
On Saturday I had a wonderful day at the Folk festival as usual. I just loved this concert with Fred Smith and the Spooky Men but here were lots of other really good performances as well. There was also lots of delicious food and I enjoyed my German kransky, Gozleme and some Profetjees (dutch pancakes) very much.

On Sunday we (note it says we) went for a ride with friends. I am trying (stop laughing) to get used to riding as we are going on a Bike and Barge holiday in France in June. I rode 18 kilometres!!!! I am very achy and glad I made it. Thank heavens for the flat and downhill sections.
 We stopped along the way for coffee and these little fellows just needed an icecream! The rode in the box on the back of Lyle's bike!
We also saw a bit of these gorgeous little fellows to celebrate Easter and for an early birthday celebration for me on Monday.They are growing up so much. Benny is now sitting really well.

 Sammy isn't sitting but is commando crawling everywhere. He now scoots over for you to pick him up. He is so busy and active it is hard to hold onto him!


Susan said...

I can thoroughly recommend a pair of bike pants underneath your shorts! The little boys are growing up so quickly, they're lovely.

Gina E. said...

How nice to read that you attended church services, remembering what Easter is all about. I get quite depressed looking at all the eggs and bunnies in shops, with no sign of the real meaning of Easter. I posted a comment on another blog, suggesting that chocolate manufacturers could make crosses instead of eggs to remind children about the reason for the season...she thought it was a good idea!

FloS said...

Have I read correctly ??you are coming to France !!!!!!!
How exciting !!

Penny said...

Great pix of the boys. Julie-anne and Lyle have new doggies!